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Here you are able to pay a fixed parking charge notice that has been issued on one of our private car parks.

Payments of all charges must be paid in full. The parking charge is £100.00 fixed, however, if settled before 14 days of issue date, the price will be discounted to £60.00. If after 14 days, the full price must be paid and no negotiations will be considered.

Pay £100 Charge

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Pay £60 Charge

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Cards Accepted

In the event that the parking charge notice has not been cleared in 14 days, you will be sent a reminder notice issuing a further 14 days for payment. If no payment or appeal has been raised in that time, your case will be handed over to a debt recovery company for the collection of the outstanding charge. In the event that this should happen, the debt recovery company will charge you a recovery fee and where necessary, interest on the outstanding amount and any court fees should this arise. Once your case has been handed over to the debt recovery company, no further negotiations can be made through Ipswich Parking Services.

Ipswich parking services is a trading name of Ipswich Parking Services Limited which is registered at companies house under the jurisdiction of England and Wales.

Should you feel that this fixed parking charge notice has been wrongfully applied, you have the right to appeal.


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